Wood Buring Stove Door Gaskets

Many of us here in the Durango area make use of wood burning stoves. At my house we use ours every day during the winter. Once we get some warmer days we take the opportunity to do some stove maintenance.  One of the most important features of your stove is the ability to choke it down, slowing the airflow to make the fire last longer. This doesn’t really work effectively if air is seeping in around the door of your stove. I’ve noticed that most stove gasket material starts to “flatten” after about 3 years causing gaps in the door seal. Here are some steps to install a new stove door gasket.

The first step is buying the right length and with of gasket. You can check with your stove manufacture or measure it once its removed.

Next you will want to remove the door off your stove. Some stoves have bolts honing the door on at the hinges. Once the door is removed lay it down on a flat surface using a towel to protect both the stove door and whatever you laid it on. If your stove door has a window you will want to remove the screws holding on the glass and carefully lift the glass off the door and set it aside.


The next step is removing the old rope. This can usually be done by simply finding a loose section and pulling. After all the rope is removed you will want to clean the “channel” the rope came out of. The best way to do this is to use a wire brush. Make sure you wear eye protection. Once the seal groove is cleaned out get your new rope and fit it in place without adhesive to make sure it fits correctly. Then, put down a bead of stove gasket cement in the groove you just cleaned and place your rope. Most manufactures recommend letting the gasket adhesive cure for 24 hours. Now its just a matter of reinstalling your stove door on it’s hinges. Usually you will notice a significant improvement in your stoves efficiency.